June 28, 2023

Vibrant and Creative Engagement Session in New Orleans’ Arts District | Nick & Nyree

The arts district of New Orleans, also known as the Warehouse District or the Arts/Warehouse District, is a vibrant and creative area with plenty of artistic charm. Walking through the district and exploring the various art galleries provided a beautiful backdrop for Nick & Nyree’s engagement photos. The cobblestone alleyways added a touch of historic charm to the session, offering unique textures and architectural elements for their photos.

Stopping by the Ace Hotel New Orleans was a great idea! We popped in for a refreshing drink and a break since things were getting hot in the streets. The hotel’s modern and eclectic interiors added a contemporary and trendy touch to the photos and jumping into the photo booth at the Ace Hotel was a playful and fun addition to the session! It was a great way to capture candid moments and create memorable and spontaneous portraits. The photo booth allowed Nick and Nyree to let loose, showcasing their genuine joy and excitement for their upcoming journey together. Just as the session was ending, Lennox (like Lennox Lewis) barged in to Mom & Dad’s scene making sure he got a little bit of the spotlight too.

Overall, an engagement session in New Orleans’ Arts District is a delightful mix of art, culture, romance, and fun. It’s evident that we chose the locations that perfectly reflected their personalities and interests, resulting in a unique and personalized photo session.

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He had a keen eye for the best shots

“...he made us feel comfortable in front of the camera!”

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